Single Window Qatar
Single Window Investor Portal: Create a seamless experience to start & manage a business in Qatar
Memoriz App
Your memories are never to be forgotten, Your life is amazing and filled with unforgettable memories in the fast.
Go Live Pro
Go Live Pro is an invite-only video conferencing product design.
Al Bidda Park Website
Al Bidda Park Website: Create a seamless experience to discover, enagege and book places inside the park
Neighboring Spaces
Neighboring Spaces – iOS App UI Design
Challenge 22
Challenge 22, an innovation award launched in 2015 by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC)
Watch Impact
Watch Impact Website Redesign
Go Live Music
Go Live Music is a virtual musical concert app concept that developed as a minimal viable product design.
Power of Prophecy
ZOE Ministries - Prophetic Musiz Brand Identity & Website
MoPH Qatar
MoPH Qatar Public Health Strategy
​​​​​​​Prophet Elijah Berrian
Prophet Elijah Berrian is a Christian minister and speaker who has been involved with the ministry, has been preaching, teaching, healing & prophesying to many all his life.