2019 will see experimentation in design to continue, from bold colors to the abandonment of the grid. So seeing all of the great designs from this past year, here are 5 design trends I believe we should look out for.

Bold Colors

It’s a trend that has established itself in recent years is still going strong in the new year. For instance, a mix of bold vivid colors, gradients, and duotones are expected to continue to make a pop! So, according to Shutter Stock, the fastest growing colors are “UFO Green”, “Plastic Pink” and “Proton Purple” and the Pantone color of the year is “Living Coral”.

Strong Typography

Typography will take a more active role, bigger, and bolder — typography will be integrated as a design element in print, and on screen. Here is a fun example of typography integrated as a design element.


Dream-like, flowing, glitch effects, or metallic in typography and image design will make a statement— achieving a futuristic, immersive, and interesting feel. Here are a couple great Nike ads that use dream-like and futuristic glitch. Pinterest even added this lucid feel to their most popular decor trends for 2019.

Asymmetrical + Open Compositions

Symmetry is more comfortable than asymmetry. However, you’ll see designers are abandoning template designs and embrace the freedom of experimenting with layouts and websites that don’t follow a grid. In addition, they will still create an engaging and coherent design. For instance, here are a couple of great examples.

The New Stock Photo 

The Overly polished or staged stock images are not exciting to consumers. So we will see a shift in images that look raw and a little unpolished; shot on a cell phone or point and shoot camera, bringing in a sense of authenticity. Furthermore, Pexels.com and unsplash.com is having a great collection of free-use images that encompasses this feeling.

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