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Sky Lounge is Oryx Rotana’s laid-back lobby restaurant which has a contemporary bistro type setting and it situated on the ground floor under the sky-lit lobby atrium. Guests may enjoy a quiet conversation at an intimate table or relax in the comfort of a couch while enjoying the lifestyle of Oryx Rotana. It offers fresh beverages, coffee, tantalizing bites, breakfast and snacks and innovative desserts.

sky lounge menu and package design

Design Inspiration

In my discovery for a design inspiration, I found out that the trees inside the lounge are quite interesting and different from what I’ve seen. The silver tree trunks designed for the new interior inspired me to create a symbolic tree that can represent its branding.

Menu Design, Lounge Food Packaging & Stationaries

We’ve used the purple color metallic ink to give it a luxury feel throughout the branding process.

Koochi Cafe Identity & Branding
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