Prophetic Musiz

ZOE Ministries - Prophetic Musiz Brand Identity & Website

Prophetic Musiz is a platform for artists to share their musical creations to a community of listeners who know what it means to celebrate worship through music.

The request was to create a brand identity and the website that represents the community, spirituality, and celebration worships. My approach was to create a seamless and minimal website that easy to use, clear navigations with proper call to actions.

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I’ve created a composition using music note and cross to represent it as a letter “P” It’s very modern and simplified icon to digital media. It is very well in line with the style fo the other music related digital products (iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify Ect; ) which will allow us in our brand implementation process.
Main Logo

Website Design

The objective was to create a website with clear navigations and call to actions yet generate more leads and engage people with the content. I’ve used live audio player where the music will play once the user enters the site.
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