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The African Beauty - Ultimate African Experience

An Ultimate African Experience Where you will find the #1 Freshly Handmade Shea Butter from Ghana, West Africa.


I was requested by the client to create an identity representing their skincare products. So the objective is to create a timeless, simplistic yet powerful visual identity to inline with their brand strategy.


It’s an extremely competitive market. So it has a wide range of target audiences. Therefore it’s challenging to combine all the features of the brand using typography. So the challenge is to picking up a perfect typeface and enhancing it to a powerful visual identity.


I could execute a solution containing both elegance and uniqueness of typography. Therefore, my purpose is to connecting joy, sincerity, and simplicity with all the mentioned attributes. So I’ve played the logo in balanced, elegant and bold typography.

I pick up a font that carries the spirit of the brand and its essential features. Also, I was showcasing their feminine spirit without losing elegance.

It’s displaying the clearness of their skin care cosmetics products. Also, it’s using the simplified and stylized typography to evoke the freshness and full of energy. Also, it is close to nature and full of femininity.

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